How to create motivational office space

Creating office space that inspires and motivates employees is crucial for fostering productivity, creativity, and a positive working environment. A well-designed office goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about fostering a culture of collaboration, comfort, and purpose. Here’s a closer look at how office space can be a powerful motivational tool: The layout and design of an … Continued

Six benefits of bespoke workspace

Bespoke workspace, also known as customised or tailor-made workspace, offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction in the workplace. These unique environments, designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of organisations, provide a personalised and optimised setting for work and offer some distinct advantages. Workspace aligned to … Continued

Making autumn golden in the office

Autumn is a season that definitely divides opinion. For some, the arrival of September is greeted with regret, as it spells the end of summer. Their priority is to make the most of the few warm days that are left by getting outside and enjoying the sun before it disappears behind the clouds for a … Continued

5 traits that could help you succeed in business

Business is not an exact science and there are no guaranteed recipes for success, but there are certain qualities in leaders and managers that can help to put any company in a strong position to grow and prosper. Here are some particular characteristics that could help you guide your venture through challenges and achieve its … Continued

How cycle-to-work schemes can bolster employee morale and health

Some workplaces provide company cars, or employee car ownership programmes. However, sometimes a cycle-to-work scheme can be much more beneficial all round. Schemes that involve cars can make sense for those who drive around for work purposes, while they are also useful for those who commute in areas where public transport options are limited. However, … Continued

5 healthy practices that could help your business to succeed

Creating a healthy, happy workplace can play an instrumental role in the overall performance and eventual success of a business. There are many reasons for this, such as the simple fact that having healthier people in your workforce reduces sickness absence and maximises productivity. Furthermore, people who feel that their employer is making an effort … Continued

Decorating your workspace to boost productivity

Nobody likes a dull workspace, but many people work in them. Bland, pastel-shaded colours may have a useful function in a hospital waiting room, but they are a blight on an office. So too are outdated designs and functionalist minimal looks that were once in vogue but, frankly, make the place look sparse and under-equipped. … Continued

5 things to love about work (other than pay)

It goes without saying that earning money is one, if not the most important and rewarding aspects of having a job, whether you are a company owner, a senior director or a firm’s newest recruit. Indeed, career-related surveys will almost always see good salaries cited by professionals as their top career priority. However, the same … Continued

How natural light can improve your office environment

This summer is not quite living up to expectations but when there is a glimmer of sunshine many employers will have offices full of people extremely keen to get outside as much as possible. However, while spending lunchtimes outdoors – maybe in the nearby park or on the lawn outside (if your office has one) … Continued

Why taking holidays is vital to your productivity at work

Everyone needs to take time off work, but for people who are particularly busy or feel a high level of responsibility to keep a business running, the prospect of a holiday can be more stressful than exciting. Despite this, it’s vital that all employees and individuals involved in a business – from senior management all … Continued