5 great ways to integrate new starters

Integrating a new starter is important to ensure they feel they belong and can settle into their new role quickly. They may have much to learn about the job on top as well as the people they will be working with. For many, this can be a nerve-wracking and uncertain time. For this reason, a … Continued

How to prepare for a performance review

A performance review meeting is something most employees will take part in at some point in their career. The process involves the manager and employee working together to assess performance over a set period of time to determine whether pre-set goals have been achieved. The meeting enables the manager and employee to assess progress, seek … Continued

The evolution of the humble office chair

The office chair is something most people used to take for granted as part of their working day. When we started working from home during the pandemic, many of us realised very quickly just how important the ergonomic design is to give you the necessary postural support, but it took decades of evolution before this … Continued

How to deal with staff mental health issues

Mental health issues have long been a taboo topic in the workplace and in general life. Thanks to greater awareness, with celebrities and even Prince William speaking out about their experiences, the work of charities and the increasing acknowledgement of the problem at government level, the stigma associated with mental health issues has declined and … Continued

Top tips for perfect email etiquette

Email makes us more efficient right? Not necessarily, according to research by productivity software provider Boomerang. Its inventor, Ray Tomlinson, declared at the time that it was “a complete revolution, fundamentally changing the way people communicate.” He wasn’t wrong. Fifty-two years on the average worker sends and receives around one hundred emails a day but … Continued

How to improve your office environment

We know that it is important to keep your office environment to a high standard. But why is it so important? Why it is essential to improve your office environment Evidence suggests that a positive work environment can reduce stress and improve productivity and morale. Moreover, by creating a positive office environment, you are creating … Continued

8 ways to make your commute productive

For many of us, the hour or more that we spend getting to and from work is at best uneventful and at worst a nightmare of packed trains or traffic jams. Here are a few tips on how you can reclaim your commute and use this time as a useful part of your day. 1. … Continued

5 steps to a happy workplace

Workplace happiness might not be one of the most commonly measured metrics for business success, but it can play an important part in the overall performance, efficiency and long-term prosperity of an enterprise. People who feel happy in their jobs are much more likely to arrive in the morning wanting to work hard and achieve … Continued

Five ways to improve teamwork in your office

Businesses face multiple challenges every single day, but in order to overcome them, you need to make the best possible use of the most powerful asset at your disposal: your workforce. If you are able to get the individuals in your company working together as effectively as possible, your enterprise will considerably increase its chances … Continued